Beautiful 17th century dresser. This piece is all original solid wood...including wood knobs on drawers. Moving and I don't have room for it at new place...
Nylon Cleanroom Bags - All Nylon Bags are packaged 100 bags per double vacuum packed sub pack, and each sub pack is individually certified with a cert label JPG-5322-1 class 100 ISO class 5. Call Us at 972 524 2979 huge discount. For more information Visit:-
Different antiques from type writers and sewing machines China ware and antique kitchen utensils. Also things like old roller skates hand tools g I Joe Barbie with accerssories...also antique high chair and a beautiful pitcher from Victorian collection and a crystal candy dish still n the box plenty others not listed call 214 283 6281 for info on additional items or the ones listed
Hi - I have this collection of Frankoma terra cotta dishware, over 60 pc for sale at $3 a piece. 2 or three of the pieces are chipped or cracked, but I want $3 a piece for each piece even the cracked/chipped ones. It's still a bargain at that price. I think there are 64 pieces altogether, but who knows? We'll count them. Call Bob at 972-835-6113 Thanks!